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behind the scenes with ksok

DEEP DIVE IN THE OREGON GOVERNOR RACE - Dorchester 2022 and the Future of Oregon

Joshua Michael Breaks down the ongoing race to preserve and protect the future of Oregon. Will we get involved to save this state or will we put our heads down and com...

Pandemic in suicides in children, economic downturn

Tune in to listen to a trailer of Covidland - The Mask

Brace for Impact - Global Food shortages taking effect - Democrats Face Red Wave in the midterms - April 9 2022

As the world spirals deeper in to a hole of famine and government overreach its important we get prepared for the upcoming dark winter. Stock up on storable food, wate...

LIVE AT THE REAWAKEN TOUR APRIL 2 2022 interview marc thielman and kevin jenkins from

Join Joshua Michael Live at the reawaken Tour @ the Volcanoes Stadium. Interviews with Marc Thielman ( kevin Jenkins CEO of Paving the...

LISTEN! N.W.O. IS HERE COMING TO OREGON IN THE NAME Portland Street Response - Parallel Society Being constructed to combat the coming collapse

Tune in and listen to the roll out of the new street response teams going permanently in place to get you acclimated to being watched and having your neighbors tell on...

Marc Thielman Republican Candidate for Governor of Oregon - FULL INTERVIEW

Dive in and listen to Marc Thielman speak about his road to running for Governor of Oregon. Please Donate and subscribe

March 19th 2022 - Special Guest Interview Marc Thielman

The world is a wild place in 2022. Dive in to how we can navigate these waters and what to look out for. Also Interview with Marc Thielman Republican Candidate for Gov...

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